Hey Young World

Friday, May 05, 2006

The World is Your's

My name is James, and I love hip hop. I've been pretty much solely listening to it for a year and a half. Before that I listened to it as well as other music. The first hip hop song I can remember being played in my house was Killing me Softly, by my sister, on repeat, when I was nine. The fact that I am so young, I haven't been listening to hip hop that long (relatively), and I live in Canada (which is the antithesis of hip hop to some) might make some doubt my credibility. Yet, I really don't see why any of this affects either the clearity of my perspective, the originality of my thought, or the overall quality of my writing.

This isn't going to be a typical hip hop blog, where either news is reported, or given commentary. There are already 'nuff sites that do that, and do it very well (shoutouts to Eskay, The Fader, allhiphop.com). While I will comment on some of the bigger news, mostly I am going to write short, informal essays on particular topics that I think my input could bear some merit. Hip hop has become in the last ten years the primary music for much of North America, and so thus we find my perspective's relevance. Future topics include the Black Eyed Peas, Papoose, Leaked Albums, Dipset, and Immortal Technique. I got big plans to do big things. What you are about to witness are my thoughts just my thoughts, man. Right or wrong.

"Scream Whoopy-doo"
James Rathbone

P.S. For reference, and so that people actually come here, I'm going to regularly post MP3s
Slick Rick - The Ruler's Back
Jay-z - The Ruler's Back